Before I mumble on about Rome’s 4-6 months, I thought I would share Roman’s essentials, what I couldn’t live without, or maybe what I found to be a waste of pennies. This does not mean to say every child is the same. What works for me and Roman might not necessarily work for someone else.

If you are pregnant or have already been blessed with a beautiful money pit, you will have some knowledge these babies require a fair bit, and with so much on the market with the latest gadgets and baby products it’s daunting to know what you may need. If you’re anything like me, a flash of baby advertisement and you’re running down to the nearest shop. (Consumers dream customer)

I will start on the products that I found to be ‘essential’

Chicco Next to me bed

Pros- This cot was a god sends to us, Roman refused to sleep in his Moses basket, he loved to be near us so much the only way he would fall asleep was cuddled on me and the struggle to stay awake was non-existent so we knew we needed to change something. Once we brought the next to me bed, Roman was able to sleep by us without him being in any danger, and as a new over paranoid mother, I was able to watch him carefully.

It is also fairly easy to dismantle and underneath it has its own zip up bag that you could store the base and legs in and can take on your travels.


Cons- I actually cannot fault this product. I certainly would use again with any future rugrats.


Shnuggle bath

Pros- the Shnuggle bath is convenient for a variety of situations, you might only have a shower, or looking to save money as you’re not filling up a whole bath on a day to day basis, and I found Roman easier to access rather than leaning over a bath tub.

Cons- I didn’t use this until Roman was around 2 months old, when he was able to hold himself up a bit better as he could slip around.

Angelcare bath support

Pros- this is ideal from birth, its rubber supported so wasn’t hard or rough on Roman’s skin. I also found this useful as a seat when I needed to plonk Roman down to cry in a corner for 5 mins or have a nice, calm 47 second shower.

Cons- Once the little monster, realised he could move, this become a little difficult to keep him seated. This is not the seats fault!

Rainforest Jumperoo

Pros- This is the Rainforest Jumperoo, there are a couple of different options but if you have the room, I would recommend. This beauty gave my son hours of entertainment and distraction; I am not embarrassed to say I would place Roman in this while baby TV played on in the back ground while I tidied my pig pen home. This is what you call parenting at its finest. He also used to jump himself to sleep.

Cons- once Roman realised crawling over to plug sockets and smashing his plastic toy boats on to our LED TV was much more convenient for him, he did not want to go in the Jumperoo anymore.

It was also super big and took over the whole living room area.

Jumperoo you are gone but not forgotten!

Isofix base

Pros- Isofix base are great for convenience, once the Isofix base is set up in your vehicle, you can take the car seat in and out in seconds. No messing about required and if you have 0 patients like me… you will be pleased you brought one too.

Cons- when you think about everything you may need to buy already you might not want to add anything else to your long list of purchases, as it’s not ‘essential’ but I’ve put it on my list as I found it useful for my impatient arse.

I also have to say it take up a lot of space in the back, and this product can only be used if your car has the isofix bars.

BT 6000 baby monitor

Pros- Once we done the transition from the next to me bed to Romans bedroom, we had an audio baby monitor, but I struggled to sleep well as any movement or sound he made I would be up checking on him. So we decided to buy a video monitor, which did give me more peace of mind. I did research a few monitors before purchasing, and this one came out with the most positive reviews. It’s great for sound, and the screen is a good size. It also has infra-red night vision to see easier in the evening. You can also move the angle of the camera by the remotes on the side of the screen. So if you have a wiggly baby like me, you will need that.

It will also show you the room temperature.

Cons- the camera is meant to be motion control so when Roman moves the camera picks up and displays on screen but on occasions Roman has already be up on his feet before the screen turns on, which is far to delayed.

After a few minutes the screen will go black, you don’t have the option to keep the screen permanently on unfortunately.

There is an option to plays lullaby music which would be wonderful if you could adjust the sound, it is so loud, and when I have only just got my little terror off to sleep the last thing I want, is to play sweet lullaby on max volume!


These are the essentials I used on a daily basis or still use now. If there are any products you used and found to be essential, I would love to hear for future references.

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Hi, Roman’s mum here aka Courtney Anderson I’m 25 years old, and I’m a first time mum to my gorgeous son. I work part time and the other half i get to enjoy precious time with my boy. When I’m at work I like to be professional, I take pride in my appearance. I socialise with adults, but when I’m the stay at home mum I unfortunately look nothing like i did the day before. My hair’s scrapped back with snot and biscuit smudged into my day pyjamas barely keeping any sanity together. On the odd occasion I do find time to get my shit together, I will take photos as evidence. I want to share my experiences of motherhood, from going on holiday’s to milestones. You name it I want to share it.

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