Roman’s First birthday

I’m back!

I haven’t posted for a few months, but I’m hoping to give myself more time to focus on my blog and to be a little more motivated.

I wanted to discuss Romans first birthday party. There were a lot of emotions involving his big day. I’m not sure if it was the thought of my little baby now becoming a toddler and wondering where a whole year has gone, or the pressure of wanting to make his big day as special as it can be. I did contemplate just having a small get together going for a nice family meal, avoid half the amount of stress or money involved but for me it was his first ever birthday. It would be memories in years to come and for us all to look back on. It wasn’t just his first birthday party either; I also incorporated his naming ceremony into the day. I know I wanted to do a naming ceremony but was worried with budget and dates that were available so combining the two worked better.

I chose to have a naming ceremony not only because it was more of a laid back feel, but it could be held in any location or venue. It is also a ceremony to celebrate the birth and naming of your child. I liked the idea that you can choose how the ceremony is run, from poems/ readings or music you would like played. A bit like god parents, you pick who the chosen ones are but as it wasn’t a christening we chose to have guide parents, a similar role just a different title. For the guide parents I did decided to buy a sentimental gift for each one as a thank you for agreeing to be a big part in Roman’s upbringing.


1. Venue

2. Theme

3. Birthday/ceremony ideas

4. Naming ceremony

5. Cake

6. Birthday present ideas


We were lucky to set up Roman’s party in a close location which was in a good size hall that could hold 100 or more people. We was able to set a few tables for our guest to eat and drink at. With a stage for the ceremony and own little bar. We could supply our own caterer as I did find when looking at venues we were obligated to use theirs. I did struggle for time; it was only me and my partner decorating the room and found myself cutting it close, I think I was still running late when the guest’s arrived. This for me is not uncommon so I should have given myself a lot more hours to set up.


We went with a theme that is close to us. Roman loves his Disney songs and one that always stuck out was The jungle book song ‘the bare necessities’ he would always be so happy when that played (though it has now changed to Moana- You’re welcome) so we went with a jungle themed birthday and incorporated the characters into the party. I used the character as table names; I put a few balloon characters around the room along with Disney teddies and also purchased the Jungle book cake toppers. The balloon’s and cake toppers were purchased off EBay.

We liked the idea of guest being involved in the big day so after a few Pinterest searches and food for thought, we decided to do a finger print tree along with a journal for everyone to leave a little message for Roman. Just behind the journal I made a picture collage of Roman from a new born to 11 months.

For the tables I picked up some favour boxes from home bargains and filled with sweets, i.e. bananas and jelly beans to give a little extra touch.

Naming ceremony

when I started planning Roman’s naming ceremony one of my close friend / Romans little friend Aila had just had her naming ceremony so I was able to get ideas and know exactly where to start with the planning process. I went on a website called where you can find local celebrates in your area. The cost was around £200-£300 for the service and after lots of emails back and forth the final draft was complete.

Once the readings were done, I gave each guide parent a personal gift; this was a poem in a bottle with a comment from Roman. Just to say thank you for being a part of Roman’s life. I purchased these from EBay and I was able to personalise the little details in and around the bottle. The turn around was really quick and they were so well presented, would defiantly recommend.


We couldn’t have a jungle book party without a Jungle book cake and wow was it a cake. The presentation and taste was outstanding. I did once again get the idea from Pinterest which I sent to our baker and she was able to decorate the cake in the same way just changing the name etc. We couldn’t be happier.


ideas I thought I would add this in as I was so stuck for ideas. I searched for ages on endless sites finding the ‘perfect’ gift. In reality Roman wasn’t bothered, he’s still at the age where an empty water bottle or chewed up dog bone is way more fun than the age appropriate all singing and dancing toys we have at home.

Here is a list of the presents that come in handy

• Activity cube- I purchased mine for a website on Instagram called little homes UK. (photo attached)

• Trike

• Bath Toys

• Books/ gift card from WHSmith, Waterstones etc.

• Money box

• Clothes

• Teething toys

• Milestone diary

• Rein back pack

Thank you for reading Xx

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