Last minute trip

For the bank holiday Monday we went to Minehead. This was completely a last minute decision. It was around 4 in the afternoon and my partner went “if you want to go out, get ready and let’s go” a part of me was being far too lazy to drag myself outside in front of a bunch of happy sun struck random civilian’s but I pushed the negative thoughts away, scurried upstairs and changed out of my pyjama shorts. (I climbed straight back in to my pyjamas afterwards. Comfort queen)

So we headed off to our destination, Minehead. Now when we suggested Minehead, there was a bit of confusion to the location. My partner didn’t think about how long it would take and I had a brain ache. I thought we were suggesting the next junction down from us. This is actually Burnham on sea. (THEY DON’T EVEN SOUND SIMILAR.) It was quarter to 5 in the evening and our Sat Nav was indicating we had another 45mins. (My one and only brain cell was under the impression it was only meant to take 10 minutes). We did contemplate just turning around and going home, but we were half way there, we might as well stick to our plans now.

Half 5 we rock up to the beach. We managed to park up easily as the holiday makers had already been and gone, but we had just arrived at half 5 in the evening to go to the beach. 2 hours from our home with a toddler that has his bedtime in 2 hours. *thumbs up*

We had a stroll along the beach; played in the sand (which is just another term for us building sand castles and Roman destroying them.) After Roman tiring him and us out, we went and got some fish and chips.

After being stalked by a couple of sea gulls we headed home. It wasn’t a jam packed day due to the lack of hours we had available but it got us out for bank holiday and even with the confusion, Minehead was a lovely sea side town and we will most defiantly be returning to spend a full day here.

On our way home we pulled up to a petrol station and I noticed they had a self-service laundrette. I had never seen anything like this before and found it completely strange yet brilliant. So if you’re ever passing Minehead and you have some dirty laundry you need to sort out. The petrol station had you covered.

I would also like to mention that my blog has been displayed on Feedspot top 10 mum blogs. I am just over the moon to have this opportunity and I hope I can keep improving and learning. I will try to entertain a wider audience. Please check out the website

Thanks for reading Xx

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