I’m walking with my sunshine

I like to think back to when I was pregnant with a big round belly feeling the flutters and kicks of my little twinkle toes repositioning from side to side, jabbing a foot in to a couple of organs as he gets comfy for the night and I would lie down, imagining what it would be like hearing the little pitter patters of footstep across the oak floor. I could almost hear the sound ringing through me as I settled for the night. I was so excited and would just whisper “not long now”. Not along until I have an unstoppable tornado boy! Destroying everything in sight; nothing left un- touched. NOTHING!

The moment Roman started taking his first step were thrilling. It’s the next big milestone, the coordination and determination that goes in to walking requires so much patience and persistence. How could you not be proud. What was to follow shortly after is not so joyful. It will however test your patience and keep you on your toes. (Especially when they like to run into the bathroom, remove the toilet brush from its holdall and take it on a tour of the house while scraping it onto the walls, floor and furniture of your bedroom) *takes a long deep breathe*

Luckily for us, we are not alone. There are a few things that parents have in common.

1. One. Two. Their gone.

One minute they’re right by your side. The next they are running towards the exit. You have leaped into Olympic mode and are suddenly sprinting like you’ve never sprinted before.

2. Three. Four. Knock to the floor.

You’ve turned for a split second and next thing you here this howling scream. Yep they have just face planted the floor AGAIN. Not another bruise… please.

3. Five. Six. There up the steps.

Oh shit, he’s sneaked up the stairs and is now at the top smiling and waving… how long have you been up there for?

4. Seven. Eight. Take a break.

I’m exhausted. How do they find the energy to run around all day? I’m only young, where have all my reserves gone.

5. Nine. Ten. Let’s start again.

No I don’t mean turn back the clock to be lounging on a white sun bed in the Caribbean with Pablo the waiter. Wait… what was my point again?

I actually mean after a busy day of running around like a headless maniac you get to experience all this again because life with a toddler is never boring.

Published by Roman’s Mum

Hi, Roman’s mum here aka Courtney Anderson I’m 25 years old, and I’m a first time mum to my gorgeous son. I work part time and the other half i get to enjoy precious time with my boy. When I’m at work I like to be professional, I take pride in my appearance. I socialise with adults, but when I’m the stay at home mum I unfortunately look nothing like i did the day before. My hair’s scrapped back with snot and biscuit smudged into my day pyjamas barely keeping any sanity together. On the odd occasion I do find time to get my shit together, I will take photos as evidence. I want to share my experiences of motherhood, from going on holiday’s to milestones. You name it I want to share it.

4 thoughts on “I’m walking with my sunshine

      1. Exactly! Mine just turned 3 and is sometimes called Hurricane Russell. It’s amazing how many things can get destroyed when you turn your head for two seconds! Speaking of which, I better stop typing now. It’s too quiet. Hehe.


      2. Haha I love that, I don’t have a little boy anymore I just have a very little Godzilla lol oh you better check, I made that same mistake earlier and my toilet paper had taken the brunt of it, it was all torn in to small bits over my living room floor. Lol x

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