Let’s fall for this season

What does autumn mean to you?

A crisp breeze of morning air, warm tones, of red, orange and yellow dye the skies, colour the trees, and scatter the ground. “Autumn is a second spring, as every leaf is a flower”- Albert Camus It’s a reflection of spring ending and a glimpse of frosty beginnings. Autumn symbolizes change and letting go for the arrival of what’s to come. It’s a celebration of birthdays, holidays and traditions. It cuddles you in woolly scarfs and fleecy jumpers. It warms your tummy full of hearty meals and fills your taste buds full of spiced latte’s and Lotus biscoff muffins. I feel more in tune with this season.

‘‘Autumn is a second spring, as every leaf is a flower’’

When I was younger I didn’t take notice of the season fading in, I tried to clutch onto the strings of summer, not wanting it to darken into winter. Yet as I’ve got older, I feel more grateful for the cosier nights, I look forward to the holidays and I’m embracing the transition.

I don’t know if it’s the shift of motherhood that has transformed my opinion but I now understand why so many people favour this season. What’s not to love about wrapping up in that fluffy throw you just purchased from B&M and sitting in your cosy living room, or the baking of pumpkin pies and apple crumbles, because let’s face it who calorie counts in autumn? I now don’t have to squeeze my mum tum in to those tight denim shorts and well, we all know Christmas is just around the corner so let loose. (I know I will.)

Traditions for Halloween

Before Roman I didn’t really have many traditions. We didn’t really get involved with Halloween. (A bowl of sweets for the trick or treaters was as crazy as it got.) I didn’t really take notice of the surroundings around me and I certainly didn’t bake. (I am a useless baker.) All that has changed (Not the baking part) I am actually looking forward to making the most of the weekly ideas and traditions I have got planned for Roman. The traditions might adapt with Romans age but right now he is exploring all his senses and fine motor skills so I want to use that and guide him.

Roman and his cousin

A few things I have got planned for autumn.

walks through woodlands Nothing feels more like autumn than the leaves cutting off from summer and laying a crunchy blanket of colour. It gets Roman outdoors and exploring, great way to use up his energy as he’s always on the go too.

• Crafts and decorating I purchased a scrap book for Roman, where we could draw, paint and stick. So I can keep all his art in one place. We will also be doing a Halloween decoration for the house where we can hang up.

Baking I don’t know if I said before but I am a terrible baker, but I do feel as a mum, I am obligated to learn. I have watched too many films, where the wonderful picture perfect mum has a freshly baked batch of cookies or brownies. I can’t guarantee my cupcakes won’t look like arse but I am a trier. So this season I will be cremating muffins and flapjacks. Stay tuned.

Bonfire night For the past 4 years we have gone to the cricket club in Clevedon and watched the fireworks display. Afterwards we sit down with a homemade stew. After standing in the cold, nothing sounds better than filling your belly up with a warm stew and dumplings. I want to carry on this tradition with my little darling.

• Carnival. Around November the carnival displays through Weston Super Mare town centre. Every year we get the train in, find a food stand, grab a drink and find a spot to watch the specular floats that so many people have worked on for the past year.

With Halloween just around the corner, it can be tricky to know what to do with your little ones, or how to get them involved in the spooky holiday season. I have found a few ideas that I will be doing with Roman:

Halloween idea’s

  • Picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Halloween crafts at your local zoo/farm
  • Scarecrow festival
  • Fright night
  • Watch Halloween films (children friendly)
  • Buy a Halloween outfit
  • Decorating the house
  • Crafting a Halloween decoration
  • Trick or treat

Embrace the change

I want to finish this post off, with embracing the change. Autumn symbolizes changes and ‘letting go’. So Instead of waiting for the new year to make resolutions. Let go of any negative energy now. Whether it’s changing your job, or letting go of a toxic relationship. Clear the bad to make way for the new. Go into the New Year with fresh ideas or a fresh start.

For me, I am clearing away any negative feuds that have built up with people in my life. I don’t want to go into the New Year holding any grudges. I also want to change myself. I want to push myself to accomplish more. I want to do more baking and to learn, I want to explore and broaden my vocabulary (it is limited) It is never too late to learn.

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