Our Majorca trip, what to do while visiting the island?

The night started out like any other when you’re a day away from your first holiday as a family…projectile vomiting. You heard it, PROJECTILE VOMITING! Roman was sick everywhere, over him, over us, over our bed. While Mr T cleared up the horrific vomit scene, I settled Roman back down. It wasn’t long before Roman was back asleep and relaxed in my arms. We both couldn’t fall back asleep after that, so through heavy eyes we watched our sleeping sick bug. My head was now swimming with questions. ‘Is he too sick to fly?’ ‘Would we be putting others at risk if we took him on an air conditioned plane?’ ‘Would I be a terrible mum if I did take him away?’ ‘What if he needs to go to hospital while we are away in a different country?’ My thoughts were spinning and my mum guilt was mentally abusing me. Mr T observing my anxiety calmly replied “Try not to panic, we will wait until the morning and see how he is”.

The morning arrived pretty quickly and the exhaustion was now creeping in. We left Roman to sleep as long as we could. I had already planned out his airport outfit, which was lying folded on our bedside table. ‘With one swift move I can change him out of his PJ’s and into his fresh clothing with him still sleeping peacefully I thought with optimism. I’m about to attempt to change a sleeping baby who was violently sick in the night and hasn’t had much sleep… where was this optimism coming from? He went mental. I disturbed him and he was pissed.

With Roman raging we quickly strapped him in to the car seat and headed out to meet the others. (No sickness so far) As soon as Roman saw his cousin, he had forgotten the anger that was building up against us and was now giggling like a looney. *phew*

From the mini bus to the airport, 9 people and 37 luggage cases scurried out of the chilly autumn weather and into the dry airport, with a preview of heat that awaits us in just a short few hours (Hallelujah) Checking in was easy until we arrived at security. Mr T, who had the job of putting the hand luggage’s on the moving belts, forgot to take out both electronic tablets from the bags. We got ushered over to the naughty corner and were made to watch our belonging’s get stripped bit by bit, while onlookers were horrified, pointing and name calling at us, it was very traumatic. Okay so I over reacted that last part. Everyone was more focused on getting to their next destination than worrying about that unorganised family who have just wasted securities time. (Sorry Bristol security.)

Once we got past security, I assumed we could relax, grab a coffee, and get some brekkie for Roman as he hadn’t eaten yet. Oh how I was wrong! While I and the oblivious crew dawdled along through the shops, I headed towards Burger King to grab a coffee and a bite to eat. As me and Mr T are patiently waiting for Burger King to grind the beans, a voice comes through on the Tannoy system, announcing that gate 18 to Majorca was now closing. “WAIT WHAT” We had got our times slightly wrong when being dropped off at the airport, then waiting for security to confirm we are just unorganised timewasters rather than naughty smugglers we got held up. Now our gate is closing and we are hanging about in bloody Burger King rather than sat in our boxed seats. “GO GO GO”I yelled, I snatched the coffee that took 35 minutes to grind and we just start running. Coffee was flying everywhere, Roman didn’t have a bloody clue, and I’m trying to ring the oblivious crew to find out where they are.

3 miles of running and we finally made it to the gate, waited for the others to arrive and all made our way on the plane. I slumped into the seat, sweating and uncomfortable. I did feel more relaxed after as I fell asleep shortly after taking off with Roman doing the same. The first part was over. We were heading to Majorca.

Streets of Porto Cristo

We were staying in a small town called Sa Coma in a hotel called Protur Safari Park. It was one of the biggest in Majorca, with a small waterpark attached to the resort. Unfortunately this was only open from June to end of Sep but we did make use of the baby pool as it had mini water slides for the littles one to play around in and was a much quieter pool rather than the one closer to the complex.

Protur Safari Park Aparthotel
Protur Safari Park Pool

When we were on route to the hotel I noticed there was a lot of old windmills, one every couple of miles. So as you do I googled it and if anyone is interested, they were used by farmers to grind grain and pump water. There are around 3 thousand windmills on the island and some dating back to the seventeen century. (See you learn something every day.)

After arriving at the hotel, checking in and paying for the dreaded tax at reception. (Which is now a requirement.) We took our room keys and dragged our 37 bags to the rooms. The relief of getting through that door and knowing we don’t have to do that for a whole week felt blissful.

Our first evening and I couldn’t wait to get down to the restaurant (All inclusive) Mrs Piggy is out this week and she’s eating until Mrs Piggy can’t eat no more. *Snort Snort* my brother couldn’t make it down for dinner as he felt pretty poorly, but we didn’t realise the sick bug would attack the rest of the oblivious crew as the majority was being sick the following day too. We also didn’t realise while we was out there, there was a spread of hand,foot and mouth disease. So can’t be sure what was making us poorly (Typical.)

Third day in and we was all feeling more human, so we decided to explore.

Things to do

Sa Coma beach– We visited Sa Coma beach which was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. It was clean, with white sand and clear waters with wicker umbrella’s scattered around. The sun loungers weren’t cheap though, paying 15euros a sun lounger. If you walk right of the beach you will come across big sand sculpture’s but don’t take photos as they will try to charge you. Unless you want to pay of course.

Sa Coma Beach
Sa Coma beach

Porto Cristo – Porto Cristo is a beautiful little fishing village, which is around a 30 minute bus journey. Walking through the back streets and the side alleys of Porto Cristo had the heart of the Spanish heritage. With its rustic oak doors, scuffed yellow walls and old green shutters, the streets were lit up with its vibrant colours. As you walk away from the side streets, you come to the harbour with plenty of yacht’s surrounding the bay with its turquoise waters foaming onto the soft stretch of sand. If you walk along the beach towards the end is a marina with stone steps leading to caves that have been protected with old fishing equipment displayed inside. You can also look out the beautiful scenery taking in the wonderful little town that is Porto Cristo.

Note- if you decide to take the bus to these locations around the island, make sure the bus driver knows where your stop/hotel is. As the bus driver drove 30 minutes away from our hotel, which resulted us walking miles and taking over an hour to get back to the hotel, and with two young children and older members walking directly under the bright sun with no shade resulted in slight sun stroke.

Porto Cristo
Porto Cristo
Porto Cristo
Porto Cristo

Cala Millor– We never got a chance to properly visit Cala Millor but wish we did by the description. It’s a fairly new built town with everything you need to enjoy your stay. With another clean sandy beach to explore.

Electric quads/ Bikes– This seemed to be quite popular in and around Sa Coma with plenty of shops advertising Bicycles and Quads, again we never got a chance to ride on a bike, though I did want to hire one and sight see more, but Romans little cousin did hire a quad bike. Which cost around 30 euros for half hour and he thoroughly enjoyed riding around.

Caves– This is something we didn’t do either, but did notice was the main attraction of the island was it caves. These were located in Porto Cristo with an underground lake.

Marina at Porto Cristo
Marina at Porto Cristo

Protur Safari Park

Protur Safari Park offers double rooms and apartments. We stayed in apartments which were spacious with kitchenette, lounge, bedroom, bathroom and a large balcony with 2 double wardrobes, which were ideal. The complex was large with 2 big pools and an inside pool for the colder weather. Along with a sauna, they also had a large buffet with a few A La Carte restaurants. Unfortunately we had a few occasions where the food was cold; you had to get to the buffet early for the fresh food. The hotel was very child orientated, with lots of children activities going on along with crazy golf and a children’s play park, they also had children’s entertainment in the evening. The waiters were phenomenal with the children, I applaud the staff, as they would finish late at night and start up early in the morning with a pleasant smile while working. Overall the holiday had a rocky start but with a great ending. I am looking forward to making more memories and teaching Roman the histories of other countries.

Windmill at Protur Safari Park
Protur Safari Park

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