Fit for a King (wedding special)

Over a month ago now, I had the privilege of watching one of my friends get married to her best friend. It was truly a magical day. The day went like any bride would dream; they had the perfect weather, a beautiful atmosphere and everyone celebrating late into the night.

The day started out in a little church in Cleeve where guest gathered and loved ones patiently waited, sending our congratulations to the groom and listening out for the arrival of the bride. Finally the ceremony began the bride and the bridesmaids had arrived and were now making their way down the aisle. Tears filled the eyes of guests. When I saw Chelsie, my instant thought was WOW what a dress, it was just incredible. Chelsie looked beautiful. There has to be something said about the dress, it’s one of the biggest statements of the day. There are a few things people remember from a wedding, one being the dress. I honestly don’t believe there was a better gown.

After bellowing out the hymns retouching up with ‘amazing grace’ and no one objecting to the wedding, the vows were made and the rings were sealed. We then made our way to the venue but not before stopping off at Tesco as my other half insisted on eating before he got there, even though a three course meal awaited him shortly after.

The venue was being held at Hilton Cadbury House which was only a 5 minute drive from the church. The newlywed couple were having all the memorable photo’s done while the guest hovered round the complimentary drinks and bar. We took our one Pimm’s *cough 5* and then joined the couple for some action shots of throwing the confetti. I did remind myself not to throw directly into their faces… FOR GODSAKE DO NOT BLIND THE BRIDE!!

At this point, a few of the guest were feeling merry and were now ready to dig into a hefty 3 course meal, luckily our bride does not like to wait around so got us in and seated. There was a board for the seating arrangement so you were able to find your seat easily. I did think this was a great touch and well presented. On the table were some wonderful favours and plenty of wine to go around. When the food arrived, it did not disappoint. I am a foodie kind of girl, so a roast dinner and a triple chocolate sponge pudding just speaks to my heart.

Weddings can be quite overwhelming and emotional but when it came to the speeches, most of my table were tearing up. I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks. (For any future brides, Tissue boxes are a must on tables.) All the speeches were heart felt but when a beloved grandad makes a speech about his favourite grandchild you feel lost for words, and all you can do is sob into champagne flute. It was truly beautiful.

Toasts were made and the night was just beginning. Every one celebrated into the early hours and got absolutely [shit faced] intoxicated. We all took advantage of the photo booth, the second buffet, the candy stand and the flip flops. My other half was most impressed with the buffet and the candy stand. (Don’t know how he was still eating.) I think the flip flops were a god send. After wearing mountain high heels, swapping them for flat shoes half way through the night was a dream.

We obviously couldn’t go a night without talking or thinking about Roman. Are you even a parent if you don’t end up speaking to the other guest about their little balls of chaos, or the pregnant women about the types of cravings you/they have? Or even having a discussion with the couples who are currently trying to conceive?

No matter where you are, being a mum/dad doesn’t stop for one night, you still worry about them or how their sleeping. (12 fucking hours can I just say… 12 hours he slept without waking in the night! That has happened about once since he’s been born.) I’m not bitter I promise.

I have to say that the thought and effort that went into the wedding was wonderful and I feel fortunate to of been there on such a big day. Unfortunately the night had to come to an end, but it will be a night that we will never forget. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs King, we all wish you a happy and beautiful future together.

Photo credit- Lee hatherall photography

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Hi, Roman’s mum here aka Courtney Anderson I’m 25 years old, and I’m a first time mum to my gorgeous son. I work part time and the other half i get to enjoy precious time with my boy. When I’m at work I like to be professional, I take pride in my appearance. I socialise with adults, but when I’m the stay at home mum I unfortunately look nothing like i did the day before. My hair’s scrapped back with snot and biscuit smudged into my day pyjamas barely keeping any sanity together. On the odd occasion I do find time to get my shit together, I will take photos as evidence. I want to share my experiences of motherhood, from going on holiday’s to milestones. You name it I want to share it.

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