Twenty five

Without trying to babble on too much, I have to confess my thoughts on turning 25. I need to be completely honest with you all, every year I CRY. I cry at turning another year older. I understand it’s out of my control and that I should just embrace another birthday but I have a fear that one day I will look in the mirror and there will be a little old granny looking back at me. I want to stay youthful, Is that too much to ask? No, GREAT.

Even though I cry every birthday, I didn’t this year. I don’t know why; I had built myself up for it. I had the tissues at the ready, but nothing. No uncontrollable sob. I’m obviously dead inside. I’ve reached a quarter century, and I am now emotionless. I believe it’s because of Roman I didn’t cry. I’m his mum; I’ve reached the maturity level. I care for something other than myself now; I HAVE TO BE AN ADULT. I use to think twenty five was mature and an independent age but now that I’ve reached this ‘quarter of a century milestone’ I don t feel ready for all this responsibility, I have a mortgage, a car, a child, a job. This is what older people have not a young 25 year old? We still party in clubs and still have a ‘go fund me’ from mum and dad while we live it up travelling to places like the Philippines or Bail? Well some still do, but for me my focus is working, caring for my little boy and weekly meal planning. (Go steady Courtney) I want to enjoy being 25 with loved ones, enjoy the next year with more adventures with my family, see new cities in and outside of the UK. I want to hopefully take control of where I want to be in life, and hopefully carry on blogging about it until I reach 26 and have a mid-life crisis. The main subject of this post wasn’t to have an epiphany but to discuss my 25th birthday party. With my birthday in Oct I always try to organise a themed party. I usually arrange the event at mine, so it keeps cost to a minimum and 9/10 times it’s always raining on the day so easier to keep it in one location.

With my birthday so close to Halloween, it always makes sense to throw a zombie costume on, chuck some fake blood around, and party like the legless drooling messes we are.

This year though I fancied doing something a bit different (for my twenty fifth of course) something a little classier, get away from the blood thirsty vampires and stick to something classic. So I chose a white theme. NOTE -This wasn’t the best idea when it came to looking for outfits in the middle of autumn. It was extremely challenging hunting down anything white in the clothes shops; however everyone did make the effort and exceeded my expectations. (So thank you)


I brought 100 white balloons from amazon, filled as many as I could with hilum which you can collect from Asda, Amazon or EBay and let hang from the ceiling, which I tied glossed metallic white ribbon to.

White balloons

Diamonds, white roses, white pumpkins and white nic nacs scattered around made the little touches to the room.

I couldn’t leave the Halloween spirit altogether so I hung some white ghost bunting up too, and purchased a couple of skull heads (The Range & Asda) and decorated the living room with spider’s web. Added some strobe lights and you have a dance floor.

Halloween home decorations u


• I created some white chocolate balls with a silicone cake pop maker.

• I purchased mini doughnuts and covered in icing sugar

• I purchased mini cupcakes (purely as I did not have enough time to make my own) and made a marshmallow buttercream on top.

Marshmallow cupcakes

• White chocolate buttons

• Pop corn

• Mints

• Mini marshmallows

• Strawberries covered in white chocolate

White theme party food

Forgetting the food and the decorations, a party wouldn’t be without great company and great company it was. We played games; we got through the frozen margarita punch and danced through the night. (Until the shots got the better of us)

For now here’s to 25 years on this crazy earth.

Thanks for reading

Halloween makeup black and white Twenty five


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