Spring awakens

10.55PM I heard it. I heard the rain knocking on my window, announcing its presence. The parade crashing down on to the shells of the Supra’s parked outside. I was cocooned in my duvet with the days blurring into one. I don’t usually take notice of the change in weather but the world has shifted into what it feels like a bad nightmare and I can feel my senses spiking. We are all on edge but the ringing of the drops calmed me for a short while. It brought me back to normality. March usually has a greyish presence, or even a cloud of white, dusting the clay roof tops, but this year it has an eery colour. The world has been sent indoors while the skies filter the darkness into electric blues and fool’s gold as the star smiles through spring. Testing our obedience as we submit our being, consequence to those who were to rebel. While the human population feel caged in, the world is still spinning, but with fresher air, clearer waters and happier wildlife.

This is not what we expected as we entered 2020, but as spring emerges from the hilltops we watch the glow of the sunrise from our windows. There is a lot of fear and devastation flowing through the streets but while we mourn the loss, we keep our spirits up for the people who are working on the front lines, for the care workers who are attending to the vulnerable, the employees who are keeping the country ticking over and most of all the for the promise that we will get through this. 

We are all quarantined without a real end-date but this won’t last forever. I yearn for my family and friends but I will encourage myself to grasp the opportunities I can do while isolated, One of which is spending valuable and quality time with my son, writing more and starting spring traditions.  With Easter just days away now I have been working on Easter inspired crafts to keep Roman entertained for as long as possible. 

A few ideas for spring activities:

Bird feeder
  • Bird feeder (this can be done from a milk bottle or anything you have lying around in your recycling, I just found an old metal container wrapped some jungle themed rope round, filled with bird seed and tied it to my fence.)
  • Bird cage (my mums making one from a wooden crate)
  • Gardening
  • Growing your own fruit or veg
  • Picnic in your garden or living room
  • Baking
  • Spring clean
  • Pine cone picking

Since this post is inspired by the blossoming spring, I wanted to find out about how other countries and cultures celebrate spring. While everything is on hold this year, it’s moving to know how other cultures spread pleasure and a joyful atmosphere.

Japan- Hanami: Is the celebration of spring, enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, one of which the Cherry blossom tree’s. It a long standing tradition that when the cherry blossom trees bloom the community all gather together under the trees with food and drink and music.

Japanese blossom tree

Thailand- Songkran: is the New Year’s national holiday that on the 13th April people gather on the streets for a huge water fight that’s last for a couple of days, its marks the start of their traditional Thai New Year. That is a tradition I would like to be involved with.


India- Holi: this is an ancient hindu festival. It starts the day after the first full moon in March. The Hindu burn an effigy and in the morning the residents take to the streets with colour powder and water. Also known as the “Festival of colour”

Holi festival

England- Cheese Roll: this is held on the spring bank holiday. In Gloucestershire at the top of Coopers Hill, where people Roll a 7-9 pound of circular cheese and then ran after it. People around the world get involved in this event though it can be dangerous and have been known to cause injuries.

England’s cheese roll

I was fascinated about other spring traditions and think it’s a marvellous way of gathering the communities together and enjoying these as a society. Be kind and keep safe.

Thank you for reading


Published by Roman’s Mum

Hi, Roman’s mum here aka Courtney Anderson I’m 25 years old, and I’m a first time mum to my gorgeous son. I work part time and the other half i get to enjoy precious time with my boy. When I’m at work I like to be professional, I take pride in my appearance. I socialise with adults, but when I’m the stay at home mum I unfortunately look nothing like i did the day before. My hair’s scrapped back with snot and biscuit smudged into my day pyjamas barely keeping any sanity together. On the odd occasion I do find time to get my shit together, I will take photos as evidence. I want to share my experiences of motherhood, from going on holiday’s to milestones. You name it I want to share it.

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