Before I mumble on about Rome’s 4-6 months, I thought I would share Roman’s essentials, what I couldn’t live without, or maybe what I found to be a waste of pennies. This does not mean to say every child is the same. What works for me and Roman might not necessarily work for someone else.

If you are pregnant or have already been blessed with a beautiful money pit, you will have some knowledge these babies require a fair bit, and with so much on the market with the latest gadgets and baby products it’s daunting to know what you may need. If you’re anything like me, a flash of baby advertisement and you’re running down to the nearest shop. (Consumers dream customer)

I will start on the products that I found to be ‘essential’

Chicco Next to me bed

Pros- This cot was a god sends to us, Roman refused to sleep in his Moses basket, he loved to be near us so much the only way he would fall asleep was cuddled on me and the struggle to stay awake was non-existent so we knew we needed to change something. Once we brought the next to me bed, Roman was able to sleep by us without him being in any danger, and as a new over paranoid mother, I was able to watch him carefully.

It is also fairly easy to dismantle and underneath it has its own zip up bag that you could store the base and legs in and can take on your travels.


Cons- I actually cannot fault this product. I certainly would use again with any future rugrats.


Shnuggle bath

Pros- the Shnuggle bath is convenient for a variety of situations, you might only have a shower, or looking to save money as you’re not filling up a whole bath on a day to day basis, and I found Roman easier to access rather than leaning over a bath tub.

Cons- I didn’t use this until Roman was around 2 months old, when he was able to hold himself up a bit better as he could slip around.

Angelcare bath support

Pros- this is ideal from birth, its rubber supported so wasn’t hard or rough on Roman’s skin. I also found this useful as a seat when I needed to plonk Roman down to cry in a corner for 5 mins or have a nice, calm 47 second shower.

Cons- Once the little monster, realised he could move, this become a little difficult to keep him seated. This is not the seats fault!

Rainforest Jumperoo

Pros- This is the Rainforest Jumperoo, there are a couple of different options but if you have the room, I would recommend. This beauty gave my son hours of entertainment and distraction; I am not embarrassed to say I would place Roman in this while baby TV played on in the back ground while I tidied my pig pen home. This is what you call parenting at its finest. He also used to jump himself to sleep.

Cons- once Roman realised crawling over to plug sockets and smashing his plastic toy boats on to our LED TV was much more convenient for him, he did not want to go in the Jumperoo anymore.

It was also super big and took over the whole living room area.

Jumperoo you are gone but not forgotten!

Isofix base

Pros- Isofix base are great for convenience, once the Isofix base is set up in your vehicle, you can take the car seat in and out in seconds. No messing about required and if you have 0 patients like me… you will be pleased you brought one too.

Cons- when you think about everything you may need to buy already you might not want to add anything else to your long list of purchases, as it’s not ‘essential’ but I’ve put it on my list as I found it useful for my impatient arse.

I also have to say it take up a lot of space in the back, and this product can only be used if your car has the isofix bars.

BT 6000 baby monitor

Pros- Once we done the transition from the next to me bed to Romans bedroom, we had an audio baby monitor, but I struggled to sleep well as any movement or sound he made I would be up checking on him. So we decided to buy a video monitor, which did give me more peace of mind. I did research a few monitors before purchasing, and this one came out with the most positive reviews. It’s great for sound, and the screen is a good size. It also has infra-red night vision to see easier in the evening. You can also move the angle of the camera by the remotes on the side of the screen. So if you have a wiggly baby like me, you will need that.

It will also show you the room temperature.

Cons- the camera is meant to be motion control so when Roman moves the camera picks up and displays on screen but on occasions Roman has already be up on his feet before the screen turns on, which is far to delayed.

After a few minutes the screen will go black, you don’t have the option to keep the screen permanently on unfortunately.

There is an option to plays lullaby music which would be wonderful if you could adjust the sound, it is so loud, and when I have only just got my little terror off to sleep the last thing I want, is to play sweet lullaby on max volume!


These are the essentials I used on a daily basis or still use now. If there are any products you used and found to be essential, I would love to hear for future references.

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Where it all began

I wanted to share my story because for me conceiving wasn’t a walk in the park. I struggled to understand why I was facing these obstacles and I felt alone, but in July 2017 all of that changed and I was faced with this beautiful new challenge. I knew then ‘great things really do come to those who wait’, but before I get into that… Let’s start from the beginning.

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with PCOS. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) The first thing I said was could I have children? This awful dream-crushing nurse said no and that broke my heart. Even after a number of doctors telling me that what she said was false and even if I can’t conceive naturally, you have IVF or medications that can kick start your body. I felt disheartened and let down by myself.  I tried to carry on with normal life, after all I was a 15 year old girl, I didn’t want to think about babies. (That’s what I told myself, though secretly I now yearned for a baby of my own one day) Years went by and I did start to believe that shitty nurse, her little statement stuck in my head like an ear worm! So when me and my partner went on holiday to Dominican Republic (best holiday ever!) we had to take Malaria tablets. The doctor advised us not to fall pregnant within the next 6 months as if you did catch Malaria it can cause problems to the fetus, well to me that wasn’t an issue.  I hadn’t fallen pregnant before so what was the chances now… well… a month later a little miracle happened! Paha, who would have thought! Either way it worked, I had those two very faint lines but they were there. That is where my story began; it was a fairly simple pregnancy until about 30 weeks. From there I had a few complications, suffering with high blood pressure, and Roman developing smaller than the expected weight.

During labor Roman’s heart rate started dropping so our midwife and other doctors acted fast and hurried us into theatre where Roman was delivered by a cesarean.

Seeing those tiny hands and a full head of hair, it was just love at first sight, but quickly after Roman was born he was rushed off to the NICU where he was monitored for infection as I was suffering with one, but my baby that I’ve waited so long to meet was taken away from me within minutes. I felt completely helpless, I couldn’t move, my baby boy wasn’t here nor my partner, all I could do was wait. That day felt like a lifetime, every second felt like a minute and every minute felt like hour, but after a week of being in hospital I was finally allowed home where I would encounter this new territory and learn the new meaning of exhaustion. I don’t remember what life was like before Roman, but all I know is that I wouldn’t go back.

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The wake up call 0-3months

When I look back at the first 6 months of Roman’s life, it’s all a bit of a blur now. I think the first few months were just getting through each day. We were sleep deprived yet the days felt clearer. I was so excited yet so nervous. I was a new mum, but unaware of so much.

I didn’t know latching on would be such a challenge or why my body didn’t just ‘bounce’ back to my pre- pregnancy stage, and I wasn’t just talking about weight, but also about health, menstrual cycles and emotions.

I didn’t know those 3 days in to being blessed with this beautiful child, you become extremely emotional. The nurses warned me at the hospital. You can become depressed, anxious and emotional from where your hormones are adjusting and by Day 3 that is exactly what happened. Third day in and I cried, I cried all day! I was still in hospital and I just remember breaking down to the midwives and my partner about how I wanted to go home, and that it was so painful to move from my scaring and that I had to wear these disgusting net pants, but why wouldn’t you break down. You have just gone through this whirlwind shit storm, one minute you are relaxing with your swollen feet up, rubbing your rounded belly feeling them little flutters that have now turned into rib breaking upper cuts, imagining if this little ninja will have dark hair or dimples, then next thing you are lying on the hospital bed just after going through this intense back breaking pain to be left with deflated beach ball belly, looking like a 75 years old with a catheter in, white stocking on and a fishing net as pants. I can tell you, I did not feel sexy but I did feel empowered. My body has just created this tiny human with a heart and a button nose and yes little dimples on each cheek. I just made this baby that I will protect and direct on to the right paths.

First month

Once the tornado of chaos settled, and I was slightly adjusted in to my new baby proof home and all the visitors had been and gone, I just breathed a little. I didn’t realise how over whelming it all was until about 2 weeks into it. They were the fastest two weeks, and now I was about to face all day on my own with Roman as paternity was over.

What I learnt in month One-

  • Breastfeeding is hard, Roman struggled with the latching.
  • Roman hated his Moses basket; we eventually invested in a next to me bed, which was a god send. He felt closer as he always wanted to be on me, so I was able to hold his hand and let him know I was near.
  • Roman also hated sleeping on his back. He would wake a lot from it. I was too scared to have him sleep on his chest as they advise against it but eventually my partner tried him on his front and he slept most of that night.
  • How many clothes one child goes through each day.
  • He really does just eat, sleep and shit.
  • He has a better tan than me.
  • When is the right time to bath him?
  • I can’t take a nice photo of him sleeping as half my tit is now photo bombing the sleeping beauty.
  • The pupils of his eyes are almost all black, why is there no colour
  • Am I winding him properlyContinue reading “The wake up call 0-3months”

Cornwall 01/02/19 – 04/02/19

Shit are we missing anything? I’m taking a baby away for a few days. I need to pack EVERYTHING! Why am I worried, it’s just a few days. I’m packing like we’re travelling to a remote island or flipping mars. I’m sure there will be a Tesco near by, its Cornwall! But no let’s pack a box of wet wipes and 1,000 nappies just incase he shits himself every hour. Even after my exceptional packing skills, I still failed to pack everything. I got his travel bed, clothes for the day and night, steriliser, bottles, formula, food, even toys/bath toys etc. I did however forget the high chair to feed him in. Roman let loose on the floor while trying to feed him, well that’s a challenge I can put on my resume!

After the dramatic packing which I left to do the day before, clever me! It decided to snow like Elsa was in town. Cornwall was on shut down, people were leaving their cars in the roads. Children even had to sleep in the schools as they couldn’t get home. I thought we wouldn’t make it but luckily the following day, blue skies appeared and we was on our way!


waterside Cornwall 01/02/19


This was our home for the weekend. I loved the look of it just from the photo’s i seen when i booked it up. It even looked better in person. I have to admit, it look’s a lot smaller from the outside, but when you step in… secret Narnia i’m sure. It was very spacious, with a fully fitted kitchenette, living and dining room. Downstair’s there was a twin room with a ensuite bathroom and shower, then upstairs a double bed with a bath,shower and his and hers sinks in the bathroom. It was all modern and clean. I would definitely recommend!

Charlestown- St Austell 02/02/19


 So first day adventuring out of our little Narnia, we decided to go rogue and just drive and see where it takes us. I mean not so wild we ended up in the lost gardens, it was more like a 25 minute drive down to St Austell, and stopped off at Charlestown. I couldn’t believe how cheap parking was, £1 for 3 hours! We took a walk round the harbour and the shipwreck and heritage centre, then stopped for a bite to eat. Now I do always bring snacks for Roman but when we stop off somewhere we usually end up getting him something out but so much gets wasted, I feel terrible when they take half the plate away. I should buy something we both can eat, so food and money’s not being wasted.

After our first day out sight seeing, we decided to relax back in our Narnia. We took advantage of the jacuzzi bath and the netflix they had available on the tv. (caught up on the Ted Bundy tapes)

Newquay 03/02/19


In the Narnia, there was a leaflet with all the amenities around the area so after a quick read it was between Newquay zoo and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. We chose to visit the zoo as Roman is very fasinated with all the animals at the moment. Though If i do ever go back to Cornwall, I would like to visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan. From the photos on trip advisor and instagram it does look  beautiful. Newquay zoo wasn’t as big as i imagined. Even so they did have a variety of animal’s to see and we did have a little pep talk about some meerkats. (Fact: a group of meerkats is called a mob and can be extremely dangerous) Not that interesting but that’s all I could remember from the talk.

After seeing the cheeky monkeys and beastly lions, we stopped off for a bite to eat then headed to the gift shop. Picked up a toy for Roman and then was on our way to Fistral beach. I wanted to visit at least one beach while we was down in Cornwall. Even in the cold Februaury temperature, the scenery was incredible. We took a stroll around the beach then headed back to the car.


Padstow 04/02/19Cherry-tree-coffee-house


So after a few days away, it was home time The snow had completely cleared, it actually rained, after all weekend of perfect blue skies. I was ready to get back to having a highchair for Roman. (How sad is that) Before we took the drive home, I insisted we drive another 20 minute out of our way to buy some Cornish pasty’s. I’m not a huge pasty fan but I know everyone else is and because it’s the traditional dish in Cornwall.. well why not! So we headed to Padstow. Grabbed 10 pasty’s from the Cornish bakery and stopped off for a quick coffee in one of the best little cafe I’ve been to so far. It was a little cafe run by a New Zealand women and the cafe was called Cherry tree Coffee house I believe, I found the link of the shop best scones ever!

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