Let’s fall for this season

What does autumn mean to you?

A crisp breeze of morning air, warm tones, of red, orange and yellow dye the skies, colour the trees, and scatter the ground. “Autumn is a second spring, as every leaf is a flower”- Albert Camus It’s a reflection of spring ending and a glimpse of frosty beginnings. Autumn symbolizes change and letting go for the arrival of what’s to come. It’s a celebration of birthdays, holidays and traditions. It cuddles you in woolly scarfs and fleecy jumpers. It warms your tummy full of hearty meals and fills your taste buds full of spiced latte’s and Lotus biscoff muffins. I feel more in tune with this season.

‘‘Autumn is a second spring, as every leaf is a flower’’

When I was younger I didn’t take notice of the season fading in, I tried to clutch onto the strings of summer, not wanting it to darken into winter. Yet as I’ve got older, I feel more grateful for the cosier nights, I look forward to the holidays and I’m embracing the transition.

I don’t know if it’s the shift of motherhood that has transformed my opinion but I now understand why so many people favour this season. What’s not to love about wrapping up in that fluffy throw you just purchased from B&M and sitting in your cosy living room, or the baking of pumpkin pies and apple crumbles, because let’s face it who calorie counts in autumn? I now don’t have to squeeze my mum tum in to those tight denim shorts and well, we all know Christmas is just around the corner so let loose. (I know I will.)

Traditions for Halloween

Before Roman I didn’t really have many traditions. We didn’t really get involved with Halloween. (A bowl of sweets for the trick or treaters was as crazy as it got.) I didn’t really take notice of the surroundings around me and I certainly didn’t bake. (I am a useless baker.) All that has changed (Not the baking part) I am actually looking forward to making the most of the weekly ideas and traditions I have got planned for Roman. The traditions might adapt with Romans age but right now he is exploring all his senses and fine motor skills so I want to use that and guide him.

Roman and his cousin

A few things I have got planned for autumn.

walks through woodlands Nothing feels more like autumn than the leaves cutting off from summer and laying a crunchy blanket of colour. It gets Roman outdoors and exploring, great way to use up his energy as he’s always on the go too.

• Crafts and decorating I purchased a scrap book for Roman, where we could draw, paint and stick. So I can keep all his art in one place. We will also be doing a Halloween decoration for the house where we can hang up.

Baking I don’t know if I said before but I am a terrible baker, but I do feel as a mum, I am obligated to learn. I have watched too many films, where the wonderful picture perfect mum has a freshly baked batch of cookies or brownies. I can’t guarantee my cupcakes won’t look like arse but I am a trier. So this season I will be cremating muffins and flapjacks. Stay tuned.

Bonfire night For the past 4 years we have gone to the cricket club in Clevedon and watched the fireworks display. Afterwards we sit down with a homemade stew. After standing in the cold, nothing sounds better than filling your belly up with a warm stew and dumplings. I want to carry on this tradition with my little darling.

• Carnival. Around November the carnival displays through Weston Super Mare town centre. Every year we get the train in, find a food stand, grab a drink and find a spot to watch the specular floats that so many people have worked on for the past year.

With Halloween just around the corner, it can be tricky to know what to do with your little ones, or how to get them involved in the spooky holiday season. I have found a few ideas that I will be doing with Roman:

Halloween idea’s

  • Picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Halloween crafts at your local zoo/farm
  • Scarecrow festival
  • Fright night
  • Watch Halloween films (children friendly)
  • Buy a Halloween outfit
  • Decorating the house
  • Crafting a Halloween decoration
  • Trick or treat

Embrace the change

I want to finish this post off, with embracing the change. Autumn symbolizes changes and ‘letting go’. So Instead of waiting for the new year to make resolutions. Let go of any negative energy now. Whether it’s changing your job, or letting go of a toxic relationship. Clear the bad to make way for the new. Go into the New Year with fresh ideas or a fresh start.

For me, I am clearing away any negative feuds that have built up with people in my life. I don’t want to go into the New Year holding any grudges. I also want to change myself. I want to push myself to accomplish more. I want to do more baking and to learn, I want to explore and broaden my vocabulary (it is limited) It is never too late to learn.

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12 to 18 months: The toddler stage

*Swigs wine from the bottle* this will be our savour to get us through the journey we are about to embark on as we enter the toddle stage. Now the toddler stage is like taking a trip down the yellow brick road but without Dorothy clicking her shiny red shoes and singing happily. You will however learn all the words to such songs as Pepper Pig, Blaze or a new favourite of Paw Patrol which will be on repeat all day every day because it’s the only thing to distract them while you open another bottle of Pinot Grigio… wait is that my 3rd?

You will eventually find the courage to put the alcohol down and step outside with your toddler knowing they will run off, or throw a tantrum in the middle of Tesco’s. You will also find it in your heart that even though they have drained the shit out of you all day and their relentless behaviour doesn’t settle until bed time, you still love them like crazy. You will wish they used their brains to not run into a non-moving object and will stop climbing everything they could because one more bump to the head will defiantly lead to some questionable parenting.

So by all means let’s start

March – 12 Months

• Did you hear once they reach 12 months they can go on to full fat milk? Yep that’s right, milk straight from the carton. The one thing that finally feels manageable. Unless you are still breastfeeding then you keep doing what you’re doing. You won’t need to pack a small kitchenette every time you step outside or wait for that god damn bottle to cool down. The only thing I didn’t expect when we switched to whole milk was that my little man would be sensitive to the lactose. When he started throwing his guts up just days later, which we assumed to be a tummy bug the first time around but after it continued, we knew something wasn’t right. We spoke to a dietician and a doctor, who advised some toddlers, can be allergic to the lactose in the milk within the first two years. Once we tried Roman on lactose free milk the vomiting stopped almost instantly. There are many different choices of alternative milks I.E Lactose free, oat milk, almond etc. that you don’t just have to settle on one. Find the right choice for your little one.

• This year I celebrated my first mother’s day. We went to a beautiful restaurant called The railway inn it’s in the heart of Sanford which is just a short drive to the Cheddar Gorge. It is also next door to the Thatcher’s cider factory; if this doesn’t scream Somerset, I don’t know what does. Everything about the day was beautiful.

April – 13 Months

• When you hear Terrible two’s, you assume these starts at the age of two. Let me stomp all over that thought. Roman started at the age of 13 months. Some days he is the most well-mannered little ball of joy. Other days it sounds like I’m slaughtering him to the pigs. It really is Oscar winning.

• I find it fascinating to watch him learn to walk; he started out so straight legged and has learnt to control his balance and relax as he walks. He does use his hands for balance.

• Roman had his first year jabs done this month. I felt more confident going in this time around. With Roman being that bit older. I felt he was stronger and could understand what was happening. Though it will never be something I really want to witness, especially when its four jabs in one go

. • It was also Easter, which let me tell you, Roman was in chocolate heaven. I let him indulge in all that chocolatey goodness. Then we went for a carvery at the greedy goose in Long Ashton. Perfect.

May – 14 Months

• Slap, smack and head butt. With the tantrums and Roman trying to be more boisterous, sometimes he hits out. If he catches you (which are usually to the nose or cheek) I’m out for the count. I just wanted to play with the cube blocks not step into a ball pit ring and wrestle with my maniac toddler! I did not sign up to cage fighting.

• He has started eating with his cutlery. I introduced it fairly early, but he would just hit it into his food and then launch it on the floor. I started picking food up and helping it into his mouth. (He does like to use his hands still but he’s improving

• Roman has always been a bad sleeper. Wakes in the night, hard to get back to sleep and back into his cot. So this month felt like a turning point. Roman started sleeping some nights, until 6am Unfortunately this was short lived. For a brief minute I thought we had mastered the troubled nights but it does vary from day to day. Every day is a new challenge.

June – 15 Months

• Please don’t tell me I’m on my own with this, but I do not look forward to brushing Roman’s teeth anymore. I am not saying this to sound like a terrible mum but Roman goes in to hysterics when he sees the sight of his tooth brush. He used to be great when we were brushing the two little choppers at the front. As soon as more popped through he went into melt down. I get more paste round his face than I do on his teeth. I just pray this gets easier.

• HE IS FINALLY EATING FRUIT. I have waited so long for this. I was gutted when he would pretend to heave, as i slipped in a cut up strawberry. After attempting a dozen more times, I can officially say Roman LOVES strawberries, raspberries, apricots and cherries. Hallelujah.

• HE POOPED IN THE BATH. EWWW. I could even bring myself to fish it out, “HELP… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HELP ME”

July – 16 Months

• I have noticed a huge development in Roman this month. He imitates you and understands what you’re asking from him. For example if I say have you pooped, he will run away into the corner of the room. If I say time for a bath, he will run to the stairs, and begin climbing. (Bath time really is his favourite time of the day) if I say ‘Pass toy to mummy’ He will hand it straight over to Daddy. (They have a secret pack apparently.)

• He tries to repeat what you say though most of the time it is still babbles. There are a few words he can repeat like ‘Mum’ ‘Dad’ ‘two’ ‘oohh’ ‘dog’ etc.

• He did manage to chew two of my lipstick one being MAC and the other being ESTEE LAUDER. My little heart broke when I noticed them both smudged round his face and into his white t-shirt. A little bit of me died that day.

August – 17 Months

• My son has turned into a performing monkey. Though he’s pretty rubbish on demand. “Wave bye” “Who’s your favourite” “say mummy”. I know he can but now he’s going to be a stubborn bugger and ignore everything I’ve said and just stare at me with a blank expression.

• THE CLIMBING- it’s uncontrollable. He tries to climb anything and everything. I’m a trembling wreck

. • When he has a tantrum now, he starts bashing his head against doors and floors. Is this normal? Should I be worried? Has he just seen his mummy do it too many times?

• He’s learning to become a vampire or a fucking shark because once he smells fleshy skin; he will chew your shoulder like it’s a cupcake.

• I’ve have to double up on my mind reading skills because his no, also means yes, but that shouldn’t be a problem for us mums, because we are super hero’s right? No? Aww fuck.

Well that’s it. Another 6 months has passed already. You really do have to hold on tight each day, because these moments aren’t slowing down. My little darling has gone from a teeny tiny new-born to a walking, talking (babbling) little ball of beautiful chaos. Enjoy each and every day, even when the days seem impossible, because one day those days will be gone. Our babies will be all grown up and independent. Updates to follow on 18 to 22 months (hopefully not as quick as these last 6 months have gone)

Thank you for reading Xx

Mum guilt

What is mum guilt? Why the ‘F’ are we experiencing this guilt?

 The guilt starts from the day we find out we’re pregnant. You’re a hormonal crazy lady who is seconds from ripping your partner to shreds or breaking down, into your ice cream cone because you didn’t get given a flake in your 99! (How dare they deprive your foetus of some chocolatey goodness?)

Then you start feeling guilty because you should be meditating and relaxing for your baby and being more vigilant about the right foods you’re eating, because you don’t want them exiting the womb being addicted to Cadbury’s flakes.

 Once your precious bundle is here, you’re hormonal, sleep deprived and sore. You are begging them to fall asleep just to get some peace and quiet and not demand anymore milk because your nipples are blistered and sore and all you want to do is put your new saggy boobs into a bucket of ice and pass out.

Then they fall asleep and you bloody well miss them. You find yourself staring into their cot looking at their puffed out cheeks sleeping like a god damn angel. Wake up and cuddle me!

Then they hit the 6 months stage and your still sleep deprived but now with a teething baby. They’re crying, you’re crying, the cat next door is crying. It’s just one big mess. What can we do to distract them from this pain? So we stick some corny TV on where a middle age man is dancing in Lycra next to a green and yellow spotted dinosaur singing the most agonising song that you end up singing along to once again.

You know it’s only temporary, they can’t explain their pain and you know 14 hours of TV is not good for them so really need to find another way of distraction. On a serious note, do you think you can hire the characters for a day or two? Asking for a friend! (Please note I don’t really let Roman watch 14 hours of TV a day, I do try to keep it to a maximum of 12 hours)

Once they hit the toddler stage you’re a crumbled up piece of leftover mess, all your ideas of raising a child has gone to shit. The dog gets fed better than your child now, because that beautiful meal you slaved over has been launched to the floor and is being moped up by your Chihuahua. (At least he’s enjoying it) You also find that you have restricted them to one room at a time as they just want to turn you house upside down.

 I like to make sure Roman eats different meals to keep him from getting bored of the same thing but in reality, this isn’t always possible as some days he will only eat muffins and crisps. I feel guilty but if it’s the only substance I can get him to eat then at least he hasn’t gone hungry.

I like Roman to roam free and not feel restricted as I know he’s just curious and wants to play but no, I will not let him go into the kitchen and take out my last remaining bit of gin and tip it all over the floor. That is my own sanctuary.

I will leave you with this:

We feel guilty because we care. We only want the best for our little ones. “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” – Albert Einstein.

Thank you for reading


Stroke- My granddad’s story.

So this post is a little different to the usual ones I publish. I hoped that if I could get my grandad’s story out, it might just help someone else. My grandad suffered a mini stroke due to a blood vessel being blocked in his throat. This is currently being controlled by medication.

For me to explain my grandad’s situation I have to go back a few weeks ago. He lives on his own unfortunately so no one was there to help him. He became unbalanced while trying to change his top and fell and hit his head. He put his arm out to break his fall and his hand and head collided together. He didn’t tell anyone for a few days, but then had to when his arm was aching and a finger was slightly dislodged. After that he seemed okay. Nothing felt out of the ordinary. A week later we were celebrating his 91st birthday (incredible). His mood and behaviour had changed. He was very reserved and quiet. This is unlike my grandad who can chat for ages. The next day I took him home as he stayed with my mum. He said he was extremely tired as he didn’t sleep well, which he said was due to his arm aching. He was also quiet and looked unhappy. (I just wish I picked up these signs sooner.) Later that night he was rushed off to hospital as he was complaining of a numb arm. Thankfully my auntie acted quick and listened to the signs.

Even though we acted fast on helping my grandad, it doesn’t mean he was able to make a full recovery. After the stroke, he has lost quite a bit of strength in his arm and is quite tired most of the time. He has also become forgetful but this is all early days and with time and patients we can help him to improve from month to month. They couldn’t operate on his throat with the age being a far greater risk. We are supporting my grandad as best we can, and will continue to watch out for any symptoms that may re-occur.

After doing some research recently on stroke, it has made me realise it’ not all textbook. People’s symptoms vary; the majority know F.A.S.T (Face, arm, speech and time to call 999). This is a bright red flag indicating someone needs to act fast on getting medical help to the patient. Every second counts as a stroke stops oxygen getting to the brain which means your cells is being starved and permanently damaged.

Not everyone is aware of symptoms of a mini stroke. A mini stroke medical term is called Transient ischemic attack (TIA). This is a temporary blockage of blood and oxygen to the brain. You may experience symptoms such as an ache or numbness to the arm. Tingling feeling, dizziness, abnormal taste or smell, confusion, vision change, unbalanced, difficulty speaking or loss of consciousness. They say these symptoms will disappear as the blockage dislodges. This is not always the case. My grandad suffered a mini stroke which from a CT scan showed a blocked blood vessel in his throat. Luckily enough it was picked up quick but the blockage didn’t move. Which means it could have caused a full stroke. After researching through this I found stories of people, who experienced a TIA and didn’t even know. They didn’t see the warning signs. These symptoms could of happened months, or weeks before but because some are so temporary (might only last a few hours) the patients were ignoring the big signs their body was sending off. Studies have shown that people who have TIA are more likely to have a full stroke. It is so important to act fast and to listen to your body. Thankfully my grandad did, and I am able to share his story.

For me this stroke has been a big wake up call. It is far too easy to let life cloud the things that matter. You get so caught up with work or running around or seeing what’s new on social media. I was neglecting his precious valuable time, time that one day I wish I still had. It made me think that right now I don’t have to regret not spending enough time; I can make sure I am there for him as much as I can. I just wish I didn’t wait until a bad situation happened before I opened my eyes. Don’t let life cloud what’s important.

Thank you for reading x

Last minute trip

For the bank holiday Monday we went to Minehead. This was completely a last minute decision. It was around 4 in the afternoon and my partner went “if you want to go out, get ready and let’s go” a part of me was being far too lazy to drag myself outside in front of a bunch of happy sun struck random civilian’s but I pushed the negative thoughts away, scurried upstairs and changed out of my pyjama shorts. (I climbed straight back in to my pyjamas afterwards. Comfort queen)

So we headed off to our destination, Minehead. Now when we suggested Minehead, there was a bit of confusion to the location. My partner didn’t think about how long it would take and I had a brain ache. I thought we were suggesting the next junction down from us. This is actually Burnham on sea. (THEY DON’T EVEN SOUND SIMILAR.) It was quarter to 5 in the evening and our Sat Nav was indicating we had another 45mins. (My one and only brain cell was under the impression it was only meant to take 10 minutes). We did contemplate just turning around and going home, but we were half way there, we might as well stick to our plans now.

Half 5 we rock up to the beach. We managed to park up easily as the holiday makers had already been and gone, but we had just arrived at half 5 in the evening to go to the beach. 2 hours from our home with a toddler that has his bedtime in 2 hours. *thumbs up*

We had a stroll along the beach; played in the sand (which is just another term for us building sand castles and Roman destroying them.) After Roman tiring him and us out, we went and got some fish and chips.

After being stalked by a couple of sea gulls we headed home. It wasn’t a jam packed day due to the lack of hours we had available but it got us out for bank holiday and even with the confusion, Minehead was a lovely sea side town and we will most defiantly be returning to spend a full day here.

On our way home we pulled up to a petrol station and I noticed they had a self-service laundrette. I had never seen anything like this before and found it completely strange yet brilliant. So if you’re ever passing Minehead and you have some dirty laundry you need to sort out. The petrol station had you covered.

I would also like to mention that my blog has been displayed on Feedspot top 10 mum blogs. I am just over the moon to have this opportunity and I hope I can keep improving and learning. I will try to entertain a wider audience. Please check out the website https://blog.feedspot.com/uk_mom_blogs/

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I’m walking with my sunshine

I like to think back to when I was pregnant with a big round belly feeling the flutters and kicks of my little twinkle toes repositioning from side to side, jabbing a foot in to a couple of organs as he gets comfy for the night and I would lie down, imagining what it would be like hearing the little pitter patters of footstep across the oak floor. I could almost hear the sound ringing through me as I settled for the night. I was so excited and would just whisper “not long now”. Not along until I have an unstoppable tornado boy! Destroying everything in sight; nothing left un- touched. NOTHING!

The moment Roman started taking his first step were thrilling. It’s the next big milestone, the coordination and determination that goes in to walking requires so much patience and persistence. How could you not be proud. What was to follow shortly after is not so joyful. It will however test your patience and keep you on your toes. (Especially when they like to run into the bathroom, remove the toilet brush from its holdall and take it on a tour of the house while scraping it onto the walls, floor and furniture of your bedroom) *takes a long deep breathe*

Luckily for us, we are not alone. There are a few things that parents have in common.

1. One. Two. Their gone.

One minute they’re right by your side. The next they are running towards the exit. You have leaped into Olympic mode and are suddenly sprinting like you’ve never sprinted before.

2. Three. Four. Knock to the floor.

You’ve turned for a split second and next thing you here this howling scream. Yep they have just face planted the floor AGAIN. Not another bruise… please.

3. Five. Six. There up the steps.

Oh shit, he’s sneaked up the stairs and is now at the top smiling and waving… how long have you been up there for?

4. Seven. Eight. Take a break.

I’m exhausted. How do they find the energy to run around all day? I’m only young, where have all my reserves gone.

5. Nine. Ten. Let’s start again.

No I don’t mean turn back the clock to be lounging on a white sun bed in the Caribbean with Pablo the waiter. Wait… what was my point again?

I actually mean after a busy day of running around like a headless maniac you get to experience all this again because life with a toddler is never boring.

Me myself and no time.

Have you ever wondered what Parents have in common?


I am more than positive that every single parent have used these words…”what did I do in my spare time”. Once that little sproglet enters the world, you don’t remember life without them. It’s the strangest feeling. They may have only been in your life for a number of days, weeks or months yet what was I doing last year when I had all that free time? Did I make use of those hours for myself or did I binge watch 5 episodes of game of thrones. Yes I did, I binged the whole bloody programme.

The truth is once you become a parent you have a whole lot of juggling to do. You’re trying to manage the children plus your home, your life, relationships etc. It can be exhausting. How can you fit everything in 24hrs? Realistically I would love to read my books, write my blogs, and take more time to pamper my skin, hair and nails. Reality is once I finished work, gone to the gym, cooked tea, tidied up, bathed and put Roman to bed I have about as much time or energy to have a 5 minute shower and pass out . It is so easy to fall in to that circle of neglecting the things around you and then you can find yourself resenting the change without even knowing it. I will be the first to hold my hands up and admit it. I love my son so damn much and I have dreamed of being a mother for so long and when you hold that baby in your arms for the very first time your whole life rotates in to a different dimension and life is never the same again. Your focus is on keeping your baby fed, warm and happy and everything else comes in second place. You read books and go to anti-natal classes on how to relax with delivery/how to keep your partner as comfortable while in labour. How to look after your new-born and anything after that, but how do you cope with looking after you?

You start thinking that when you get any alone time is considered ‘Me time’. Having a bath or using the restroom is considered ‘me time’. What bullshit is that, that’s not me time? That is just basic needs. It’s very easy to feel rewarded when you get an half an hour break, while they nap and you can finally sit down with that reheated brew and catch up on your favourite programme you’ve been dying to watch since last Tuesday. Do you really feel elevated? Refreshed? No. Why would you? Start making ‘me time’ worthwhile, take time out to do the things you loved and was passionate about before the primary focus was on your minions. Go out for a date, socialise with friends. Use the network of support around. Stop neglecting you. This is your life too even if you are second most of the time.

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Roman’s First birthday

I’m back!

I haven’t posted for a few months, but I’m hoping to give myself more time to focus on my blog and to be a little more motivated.

I wanted to discuss Romans first birthday party. There were a lot of emotions involving his big day. I’m not sure if it was the thought of my little baby now becoming a toddler and wondering where a whole year has gone, or the pressure of wanting to make his big day as special as it can be. I did contemplate just having a small get together going for a nice family meal, avoid half the amount of stress or money involved but for me it was his first ever birthday. It would be memories in years to come and for us all to look back on. It wasn’t just his first birthday party either; I also incorporated his naming ceremony into the day. I know I wanted to do a naming ceremony but was worried with budget and dates that were available so combining the two worked better.

I chose to have a naming ceremony not only because it was more of a laid back feel, but it could be held in any location or venue. It is also a ceremony to celebrate the birth and naming of your child. I liked the idea that you can choose how the ceremony is run, from poems/ readings or music you would like played. A bit like god parents, you pick who the chosen ones are but as it wasn’t a christening we chose to have guide parents, a similar role just a different title. For the guide parents I did decided to buy a sentimental gift for each one as a thank you for agreeing to be a big part in Roman’s upbringing.


1. Venue

2. Theme

3. Birthday/ceremony ideas

4. Naming ceremony

5. Cake

6. Birthday present ideas


We were lucky to set up Roman’s party in a close location which was in a good size hall that could hold 100 or more people. We was able to set a few tables for our guest to eat and drink at. With a stage for the ceremony and own little bar. We could supply our own caterer as I did find when looking at venues we were obligated to use theirs. I did struggle for time; it was only me and my partner decorating the room and found myself cutting it close, I think I was still running late when the guest’s arrived. This for me is not uncommon so I should have given myself a lot more hours to set up.


We went with a theme that is close to us. Roman loves his Disney songs and one that always stuck out was The jungle book song ‘the bare necessities’ he would always be so happy when that played (though it has now changed to Moana- You’re welcome) so we went with a jungle themed birthday and incorporated the characters into the party. I used the character as table names; I put a few balloon characters around the room along with Disney teddies and also purchased the Jungle book cake toppers. The balloon’s and cake toppers were purchased off EBay.

We liked the idea of guest being involved in the big day so after a few Pinterest searches and food for thought, we decided to do a finger print tree along with a journal for everyone to leave a little message for Roman. Just behind the journal I made a picture collage of Roman from a new born to 11 months.

For the tables I picked up some favour boxes from home bargains and filled with sweets, i.e. bananas and jelly beans to give a little extra touch.

Naming ceremony

when I started planning Roman’s naming ceremony one of my close friend / Romans little friend Aila had just had her naming ceremony so I was able to get ideas and know exactly where to start with the planning process. I went on a website called humanism.org.uk where you can find local celebrates in your area. The cost was around £200-£300 for the service and after lots of emails back and forth the final draft was complete.

Once the readings were done, I gave each guide parent a personal gift; this was a poem in a bottle with a comment from Roman. Just to say thank you for being a part of Roman’s life. I purchased these from EBay and I was able to personalise the little details in and around the bottle. The turn around was really quick and they were so well presented, would defiantly recommend.


We couldn’t have a jungle book party without a Jungle book cake and wow was it a cake. The presentation and taste was outstanding. I did once again get the idea from Pinterest which I sent to our baker and she was able to decorate the cake in the same way just changing the name etc. We couldn’t be happier.


ideas I thought I would add this in as I was so stuck for ideas. I searched for ages on endless sites finding the ‘perfect’ gift. In reality Roman wasn’t bothered, he’s still at the age where an empty water bottle or chewed up dog bone is way more fun than the age appropriate all singing and dancing toys we have at home.

Here is a list of the presents that come in handy

• Activity cube- I purchased mine for a website on Instagram called little homes UK. (photo attached)

• Trike

• Bath Toys

• Books/ gift card from WHSmith, Waterstones etc.

• Money box

• Clothes

• Teething toys

• Milestone diary

• Rein back pack

Thank you for reading Xx

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The wake up call part 3

This post took a little longer to write up as I had just finished celebrating Romans first birthday. I still can’t believe I have a one year old but before I get in to that let talks about the 7 to 11month stage.

This stage is what I call the marathon stage; you don’t have enough training to prepare yourself for this shit. I run myself ragged; it’s messy and a little bit sticky. I’m trying to chase the chubby rolls that have now learned to crawl away and is now on the move and escaping to the forbidden areas. I’m about 30 seconds away from having a mental breakdown because its 7.30 in the evening and that imaginary finish line I was heading towards is suddenly fading further in to the distance. The little ball of chaos that I made has suddenly had a burst of energy and wants to get out every toy from the toy box and kick off because I will not allow him to chew live wires and drawl all over plug sockets. This goes on until he finally gives up about 10 to 10. Yep this is what I call exhaustion.

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The wake up call part 2

So while I currently write this story, I thought I was suffering with pink eye. I actually feel guilty now for assuming my little human let one of on my pillow. Unfortunately it was something a little worse and painful. A trip down to the eye hospital and I have Scleritis. (A serious inflammatory disease) Eye drops and antibiotics later (as I also developed tonsillitis) I can finally say I don’t look like that freaky chick from the exorcist anymore. Think my partner is relieved too, he thought I was going to start levitating my freaky arse to the ceiling. I was one tongue twisting moment away from a priest knocking at my door and doing an exorcism on me. Luckily after the dramatic scenario I am on the road to recovery.

Going back to last year, when we rolled in to month 4, Roman was also learning to roll too. I found myself looking at milestone developments. Now I know every baby is different and they do learn at their own pace, but I couldn’t help think is Roman behind or where he needs to be. With him being induced 3 weeks early they did say he would be 3 weeks behind. He was so determined to move though he was learning at a good pace.

Roman was also beginning to laugh which is just music to any parent’s ears, and luckily enough for us, you don’t have to be a comedian to bring laughter to a child. Just dance around like an idiot or hide behind your hands and pop out with a “boo” usually does the trick. No judgement here.

After the struggles of breastfeeding and after exhaustingly going back and forth to a specialist, I made the decision to go to formula, which became 10X easier for Roman; he actually had a full belly and would just sink into a milk coma. I tried and the decision didn’t come lightly, but I did find a lot of stress was lifted off my shoulders.

There was still a lot of learning involved,

• My high blood pressure still wasn’t settled, I assumed after the pregnancy it would return to normal but it can take months before adjusting back.

• I was suffering with palpitations which started late in pregnancy and the only way to reduce it was by physical exercise.

• Romans facial expressions were becoming more prominent

• We experienced an explosive nappy, which if you don’t blurt out “fuck” you obviously haven’t experience a head to toe poop yet. At this stage you either throw away the child or try to resolve the situations by hosing them down. Fortunately for Roman we chose the second option.

• My relationship started to feel the strain; we were now bickering a LOT.

• Jumperoo was my new best friend.

• All our ideas of raising Roman were out the window. We didn’t intend on sticking Roman in front of the TV and we didn’t plan to use a pacifier, and never wanted use bad language. Shit happens, we are only human, and if it gives you 3 minutes of peace, I would say you bloody deserve it.

• Okay unpopular opinion and if it has never happened to you than you are obviously the queen of motherhood but it’s about a baby falling. Now the first time Roman fell, was when he was a few months old, and I hate to say it but he fell off the bed. He must have wiggled or just bungeed jumped but he fell. I cried and cried. I felt like the worst person in the world. I held him tight and apologised, I think I was actually shaking (probably over the top) but after speaking to a number of mums, I now know I am not the only knob around here. Accidents happen, babies fall and as long as they generally haven’t hurt themselves, don’t be so hard on yourself. Trust me it’s not the only time. Roman now purposely dives off the bed and you have to leap in to ninja mode or the idiot lands on his noggin. Continue reading “The wake up call part 2”